Sunday, March 9, 2008

IT'S TIME TO PARTY!!!!!!!!!!!

Ultimate Blog Party 2008

It's that time again ladies, time to head over to 5 Minutes For Mom and check out the party!!!!! I loved the party last year but I was just a newbie to the whole blogging scene and just missed the party but I am here this year!!!! So let me introduce myself.

I am a 31 yr old SAHM to a very active 3 yr old little girl and have been married for almost 2 years. I am living in Arizona, away from everything and everyone I know. I have no family here and usually feel a little alone. I know it sounds depressing but it's a fact. This was not my plan but I am so happy with what I have. I wouldn't trade my daughter, or my husband, for anything. (Maybe just where we live, lol)

Ok let me get back to talking about me. I love reading to the point where I go thru withdrawals if I haven't read a book in days. Magazines don't really count, they take less then an hour for me to read, lol. I need a novel. I also love to crochet which is hard for me to do sometimes because I have carpal tunnel syndrome. But that doesn't stop me from testing patterns for my online friend Anna. She has great stuff that I love to make and test for her. But again back to me.

I don't really know what to say. This blog is a way for me to talk to other mom's, and dad's, that I normally wouldn't be able to. I am not a outgoing person in real life. I am a very behind the scene, "let me help set-up and clean-up", stuff like that. I am easily distracted (which is why it's taken me almost 2 hours to get this done, lol). I am not one for schedules but would rather fly by the seat of my pants. i really have a hard time talking about me so let me get on to someone else.

I met some great ladies last year so, come on in, bounce around, check out the party and don't be a wallflower, that's my job!!!!!! LOL